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Son of a his father work on Systems Analyst, Code Data Design and her mother work on Technician X-Ray nurse, he began when was child to play games with mechanical and techno electronic devices(knowledge from his father). He learn professional training in digital electronics, office administrative. He also conducted courses promoted by the European fund of systems administration, Networks, Multimedia Audio / Video, editing images and compose of audio tracks with virtual instrument plugins and Hardware Music instruments, and other categories of digital information development. He all time is searching more ways to do correct good things and safe with care(knowledge from his mother).

The end is not here [...]


    Nothing to say when load the random data for inspiration.


    When data is inside of Kore, apply the logical operations.


    Pull the info data into grid and make order and sequence.

  • DUMP Info-data

    Type: From one to all audiences for entertainment and grow.

Our focus

We Job in Develop, make faster Productions & Improve in anyway
Music / Audio Productions

With our Audio Music system we can make a faster Song Track for your multimedia projects Copyright-free, under Creative Commons Lisence (Contribution Share-alike) [CCBYSA]

Digital Products

Visit our virtual products where you can donate that you want for the permision to use our digital products. We are a non-profit organitzation and use donations to support and mantainence of systems and other resources.

Develops RSystems K

Other section is develop and make operating systems from GNU/GPL Linux Debian distributions with tools to specific objectives, we work with Freeware, The Others Tools & 3rd Party Scripts.

Maintenance and Support to Albert Korman Projects Studio's.

Contributions will be apply to resources, materials and other engines to develop, produce and grow as a non-profit organization and person in the real and virtual ecosystem.


We have 1 friendly packages for you. Check all the packages and choose the right one for you.

Audio & Music

The old and new Songs


  • You can Listen and use our music for your multimedia projects
  • Copyright-Free
  • We accept Paypal donations
  • Creative Commons Atribution Share Alike License
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develops Rsystems K

Apps and Services


  • GNU/Linux Debian O.S.
  • Fork Work & Entertainment
  • For Beginer & Advanced users
  • x86 and amd64 Platforms
  • Give us your support with Paypal donation
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Develop Android apk

Applications for all you need


  • For all android ARM devices
  • Under Java & Kotlin
  • We Accept Paypal Donations
  • For education, work & entertainment
  • Coming son in Google Play Store
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